Thank you Achieveable!

I used only Achievable for the SIE and Series 7. Passed both on the 1st time. I find the material easy to understand and overall, just love the program.

I am on to the Series 66, I know this is newer for Achievable. Any success stories out there? How long should I plan to study?

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Congrats on passing your SIE and S7!

Our Series 66 course is the same quality and format as the others. You can feel confident that if the SIE and the S7 were a good fit for you, the S66 will be too.

Study time has a pretty big range based on individual study habits, but on average people tend to spend about as long studying for the S66 as the S7.

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@Integrated_brown_jag Congrats on your success. I too used Achievable for the SIE, S7 & S66. I studied for about 4 weeks for the S66 with Achievable. Follow the program, do the reading and practice problems and you will be good to go.