Some Federal Exemptions ( quiz questions seem to be from another lesson

Just took my first two quizzes from the above lesson. Think I scored an 80 and then 100. What surprised me is that while some of the questions - maybe half - were directly from the content of this lesson on exemptions for issuers, the other half were from lessons much earlier in the course. Specifically, many were from the “restricted and control stock” lesson, 2.1.7. Was this intended? Also, there were questions about the cooling off period, yet from another lesson I think, correct?

I did not record the code for all of the questions but can tell you that the questions I did receive from this lesson for both quiz attempts were primarily about Regulation D, accredited investors, and commercial paper, in addition to the questions about restricted and control stock mentioned above. I have not seen any questions about (looking at key points box as I identify these) federally exempt securities list, bank holding companies (vs banks being exempt from registration), and rule 147 offerings.

Hi @Emilio_Rogahn - thanks for pointing this out. While we sometimes sprinkle in questions based on concepts taught in earlier sections, we’ll restructure the practice quiz in this chapter. It’s important to understand how investors obtain restricted stock, which is typically through private placements (taught in this chapter). Beyond that concept, the other questions will be shifted to the appropriate chapters.

In addition, I will allocate a few new questions to this chapter to test the other important concepts you mentioned. I’ll work on this now, and the updates should go live soon.

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Thank you for your reply Brandon. I appreciate how the topics related to restricted stock relate to that chapter and I appreciated the review. I do agree that the other chapter topics should be tested.

I wasn’t sure if I should have posted on this originally but I did not want to assume what you are aware of and that about which you may not be aware. Thanks again.

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We always appreciate feedback from our customers. If you seem anything else out of place, please let us know!

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