SIE PASSED # 1st attempt!

The best educational decision I’ve ever made would be subscribing Achievable.

I studied primarily Achievable, and substituted Pass Perfect, Qbank for SIE, and here’s my story.

English being my second language, for me, comprehending Pass Perfect was near impossible. Bottom line, I was miserable with Pass Perfect; I studied PP days and nights and even throughout the weekend yet my stupid brain couldn’t comprehend a single thing from it.

About 10 days later, while I was researching study tips, I read good things about Achievable from reddit, so I go ahead with it. At the time, I was 90% sure I will fail the exam and loss my job.

Achievable, drastically changed that outcome. With Achievable, there were no language barriers or difficulty of understanding complexity of securities; I was able to understand the security industry!
I scored 50-60 PP, Qbank, 50 from FINRA Practice before Achievable, after Achievable, I scored 75-87 on PP, Qbank, and Achievable, 93 from FINRA Practice.

There was a one time where I couldn’t understand a concept (opening and closing); I inquire about it and Justin Pincar from Achievable reached out to me and helped me out, which was a game changer for me.

I have S6, 63, 65 left to go and am intend to use Achievable for my remaining exams.
Again, thanks for providing me a hope and possibilities!!


Hi @Successful_Alex, congrats on passing your SIE, and thanks for writing about your experience!

I’m very happy Achievable was a great fit for you, and I’m looking forward to helping you pass your S6, S63, and S65 too!


Hi!. This is my first attempt with Achievable. Used STC in the passed. Failed SIE with a 66% first time. Any recommendations for studying? note taking, open book quizzes?

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Hi @Peter_Beahan, thanks for reaching out!

Since you’re pretty close already, I would recommend starting by taking one of our practice exams. At the end, we’ll give you a chapter-by-chapter summary of your performance so you can see what areas need work.

If you’re strong generally but just have a few weaker areas pulling you down (like options :sweat_smile:) then the best strategy is to read those specific chapters in our textbook and take their associated quizzes. You probably don’t need to read the entire book, but of course, you can if you’d like.

If you’re scoring in the middle on most of the chapters, that’s tougher, and the best approach probably would be to take the entire course from start to finish to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding overall.

Thank you. I will try that!

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