SIE Exam on repeat

This will be my 4th time taking the SIE, but my first with Achievable. There were extenuating circumstances with the first three attempts, which are of a personal nature that I will not get into. But I only failed by 1-2 questions each time. I’m hoping that this program will break it down for me so that I do not have to wait another 6 months to take it again.

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Hi @Sabrina_Smitham, welcome to Achievable! I hope you’ll find our materials more approachable and a better fit than those you used previously. Please reach out if there’s anything we can do to help you prepare.

You’re not alone. I failed the exam by one point the first time I took it. Having to wait a month to take it again can be frustrating. I passed when I took the exam again after studying with Achievable.

The day before you take your exam, I recommend watching The Series 7 Whisperer “Quick and Dirty SIE Review” on YouTube. Use it only as a review before taking your exam.

Also, blast some fun music in your car on your way to take the exam. Get yourself pumped up!

You can do it!