SIE exam dump sheet

Update: You can find the latest versions of our SIE dump sheets at this link!

Original thread follows~

We recently posted an informal dump sheet for the Series 7, and some of you have been asking for an SIE dump sheet. Here it is:

In case you’re wondering, dump sheets are cheat sheets you can memorize and recreate when you’re sitting for the actual test. Of course, you can’t bring it into your exam, but you can memorize and re-write it on your notepad once your test begins. It’s not absolutely necessary for success, but many test takers report their dump sheets helped calm their nerves, plus the practice of writing it out helps commit these formulas and topics to long term memory.

I hope this helps! DM me or respond to this post if you have any questions.

Good luck with your studies!


i understand most of this except of the mayhammer part. what is mayhammer?

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Hi @Pleasant_yellow_snai - the SIE dump sheet in this thread is an older one and we’ve since updated it. Our updated version does not include the Mayhammer because we don’t expect you to encounter questions on the topic. If you’re really interested, this is a concept tested on the Series 7, and here’s a link to the Achievable Series 7 chapter we cover this material in.

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Can I get advice on using the computer based scratch pad? Very concerned about this. I am 50+ yrs old getting relicensed. My brain works better with a pencil in hand and paper.

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Hi @Mike_McDermott, if you’re concerned the computer-based scratch pad will limit your scoring potential, you could take the exam in person since they’ll give you a piece of laminated paper instead.

If you’d still like to take it online, you can practice using your computer’s notepad app or something like this -

Boy- I’m really dating myself……last time I took these exams it was at a testing center on a computer. But you could use scratch paper that they gave you and you could bring your calculator.(specific model). I assumed set up was the same and that at home testing options were a Covid era topic. Knowing that I can go to a testing center and use a piece of laminate paper will probably be my preference. Will I still need to use the computer provider calculator?
Thank you

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I think you’ll still need to use the computer-provided calculator, even at a testing center.

Although it seems they do their best to standardize the experience, we have heard of minor differences between test centers. I’d recommend you call them and ask directly if the details matter!