Brain Dump Sheet

Has anyone discovered a brain dump sheet that helped get them through the exam? I used one for my SIE and did not use one for the Series 7 but I am curious if maybe Achievable could create a sheet to memorize going into the exam that will help with certain questions.


Hi @Tyler1!

We’re planning on releasing a “cleaned up” dump sheet to the program in the future, but I’ll go ahead and put together a rough draft and post it to this forum. Give me a few hours :grinning:


You can find all our Series 7 dump sheets toward the bottom of this resources page:

  1. General formulas
  2. Products, suitability
  3. Regulators, laws, rules

Here’s the “General formulas” one:

It might not be pretty, but it quickly covers some of the most tested topics on the Series 7. Do you need to recreate this entire document? Probably not. Most people prioritize the following:

  • Option chart
  • Bond see-saw
  • Mutual fund formulas
  • Margin formulas
  • Convertible security formulas

I hope this helps! I hastily put this together and edited it, so please let me know if you see any issues or have any questions.



Thank you! This will be great to have!


@brandonrith this is fantastic. Tyler1 and i were just dscussing this. I am a little frazzled with the 7 exam.

Glad it helps, @null4! The Series 7 covers a lot of topics, and can feel overwhelming. Keep up the good work, continue to see plenty of practice questions, review each thoroughly in hopes of fully understanding the concept, and repeat. Also, don’t feel like you need to completely re-write this dump sheet for your exam - it’s more of a quick reference guide.

I expect suitability to be a HUGE part of your exam, so be sure to be as comfortable with the topic as possible. That’s why I created an entire chapter at the end of the material dedicated to suitability in addition to covering the topic in every product chapter. You should be as comfortable as possible with the following: benefits of securities, risks of securities, the typical investors of those securities, client profiles, FINRA suitability standards, and how to apply these topics to making suitable recommendations. The better you do with suitability, the more likely you pass the exam.

Other heavily tested Series 7 topics usually include debt securities (municipal products in particular), options, taxes, investment companies (mutual funds in particular), and dynamics of brokerage accounts (e.g. fiduciary accounts, required information to open different types of accounts).

Our practice exams are weighted in a manner to give you more questions on these topics. While no one is certain what you’ll see on the exam, the topics listed in the paragraph above are commonly cited as heavily tested areas.

I hope this helps! Keep up the good work! Feel free to DM me directly or reply to this post with any specific questions.

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i think im 10 days out. i am hopefully starting practice exams on sunday/monday this week.


How big of a paper do we get to use on test day to write all this down on?

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FINRA exams are closed-book and you’re not allowed to bring any notes or anything else. The idea is that you use the first few minutes during the exam to write down these key points for reference.

At a testing center:
You’re provided two sheets of normally-sized scratch paper, a pen, and a very basic calculator.

You can’t use anything external. The exam software has an on-screen calculator and a virtual notepad.

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Thank you. This looks good. Mine is a messed. :slight_smile:


Hi, Is this the most current dump sheet? You mention in this post that it was a first draft. Is there an updated version on the site?

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Yes - this is the final version, @Deb. Thanks for clarifying!


This is awesome. Thanks!

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