SIE Exam Camera

Anyone had to use an external webcam? Achievable says your laptop is sufficient however, in the Prometric user guide it says:

“To ensure a seamless security check-in process, we require that you take your test using an undocked computer with a movable web-camera.”

Were you guys able to use your laptop camera or had to buy an external one?

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Hi @Symbolic_rose_warble, good question!

As long as you can show them video of the entire room, you should be all set. I was able to check in for the SIE using my laptop camera by picking up my laptop and turning around in a circle.

They’re very polite but are also quite thorough - I think the check-in process took around 10 minutes, and I had already prepared by setting up my room to their specifications.

Make sure you give yourself a bit of extra time!

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I took the SIE back in October and used my laptop camera. As Justin mentioned, they will just ask you to lift your laptop up and swivel around the entire room.

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