Series 66 to Series 63


Unfortunately I did not pass my 66 within the first 3 attempts, where I a now on the 6 month waiting period. However I am able to take the 63 and 65 in Lieu of the 66.

I started the 63 material by taking the exam to get an entry point on where I stand on the material and what knowledge rolled over per say. I got a 77% without looking at the 63 material yet.

I have an exam window open for the 63 but have not selected a date, for I would like to know what you recommend for study time and prep to optimize my chance of passing the first time.

As most of this material is review from the 66, I would love to hear someone’s input on the best way to study and how much study time you recommend putting in, given my initial start of a sub 80% practice exam and 84% exam readiness.

Thank you!

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Hi, I’m really sorry to hear that, but I have some suggestions that should make a significant impact and get you through next time.

On your most recent exam, you averaged 12 seconds per question - barely enough time to read the prompt and choices! It’s important that you go through the practice exams slowly and thoughtfully like you would on exam day. Even if a question feels familiar, take the time to read everything, consider the possibilities, and then check your answer once more against the prompt.

It’s also essential that you spend a significant amount of time reviewing everything you’ve missed or guessed - this focused review will help you master weaker areas and get them right next time.

As you noted, most of the S63 content is included within the S66, but I would still recommend you go through it from start to finish, and really take your time. In particular, the registration sections tend to be heavily tested and very nuanced, so they’re worth the extra effort.

The S63 is an interesting exam since it is quite short, but the questions are often complex, wordy, and a slight change in phrase can completely change the meaning. And since there are fewer questions, each one individually effectively counts for more points, so there’s less room for error. To give yourself the best chance at passing, you need to know the facts extremely well and save your thinking to distill down the question and arrive at the answer.

Getting into a consistent study routine is a good idea. For your S63, I recommend studying two hours a day for a month, and you should be very well prepared.

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