Series 66 Study Material vs the S7

I just took and passed the S7, earlier this week. I am on to the 66 and purchased the Achievable study plan (like I did for the SIE and S7). It seems like much (if not almost all) of chapter 2 is a review of several topics from the 7. Does that mean this material is still also testable on the 66 or did you include it to ensure everyone has the same background to build on for new concepts, etc? I am blazing through this material, right now, since it’s so fresh in my mind from the S7.


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Congrats on passing your Series 7!

Yes, there is a lot of overlap between the various FINRA/NASAA exams - we made a chart to help illustrate this:

I recommend that if you feel you know a chapter thoroughly, skip straight to the quiz at the end. If you ace the quiz, move on. If not, then head back to the text to ensure you fill in any weaker areas.

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