Series 63, taking it Saturday, open to advice

Currently, have been using achievable as a huge supplement from firm provided materials (STC), genuinely prefer the textbook on achievable.

KM Benchmark - 80
STC - 83,74,91 (most recent)
Achievable - 78

The plan is trying to re-read the textbook at least once more, and maybe take notes and supplement with more practice exams and YT videos.

The textbook is just amazing, simplifies the content in simple English, but am afraid I might be on the ambitious side to reread it all while working FT, but am going to try. Open to advice on filling in the gaps, and just executing. Thanks for everything, passed the SIE by supplementing info last month and achievable was a huge part of that.



I am happy to hear you find the textbook helpful!

Re-reading the entire textbook does seem like a difficult task, as you reference. It is possible, but I would suggest reviewing your quiz and exam scores instead to see the areas you lack and re-reading those sections. Additionally, taking many practice exams can help you know where you stand with each section. Reviewing your exams afterward is also crucial and very beneficial to continuous improvement in each area. Also, congrats on passing your SIE!

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