Series 63- help!

I am really struggling with this material- I located the “brain dump” document and will be reviewing. For those who have passed the exam/or currently studying, any advice? I’m usually pretty good with rule memorization-type information, but this has been overly challenging for me so far!

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Hi there! I definitely encourage others to comment here, but I’ll give you my two cents as the writer for Achievable. While I wouldn’t recommend this for any other exam, it’s worth the time re-read the reading materials once or twice before you test. Be sure to pay close attention to the key test points at the end of each chapter. Additionally, take enough practice exams so you’ll be prepared for the “weirdly” worded questions on the exam.

Last, there are a number of free resources on YouTube as well. Here are a few of my favorites:

I hope this helps!


Awesome!! I love that you are personally involved and listening to your customers, personally answering questions and offering solutions!!! I will be referring others to use Acheivable! Now lets hope I pass. I have not taken enough time to study, but I took it already and failed, and feel a more confident this time.
I also have my Kaplan physical manual and class notes booklet and purchase a podcast series by Franz Ammussen, I found on iTunes that has been a helpful supplement. Whish I would have found you guys earlier, but when I pass my test tomorrow, it will be mostly because of what you have created, so thank you!!!

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We all share a common goal - getting through these exams as efficiently and effectively as possible! Glad you found us, @Alicia_Boyle!

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