Series 6 after studying Series 7

OK…so its a bit of a long story but I’ve been studying for series 7 and am just about ready to go. I get ready to register with FINRA etc and the company that was sponsoring me says they will only sponsor for Series 6. Its very annoying since I’m just about ready to go.

Is there a way to sparse out which info I need to on focus on for the 6 vs the 7 since I’ve already paid for the Series 7 course? I know that the 7 basically covers everything that is on the 6 and I’ll be taking the 7 in a few months once I pass the 6. I’d rather not pay for another course if I can avoid it. Seems like its basically, communications, mutual funds, life insurance, variable annuities.


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Hi @Hope_Rosenbaum - sorry for your situation. Good news - if you’re prepared for the Series 7, you’re most likely prepared for the Series 6. I have two sets of advice for you - things you should generally forget and things you should focus on.

Things you should generally forget:

  • Options (other than the very basics)
  • Secondary market stuff (e.g., market orders, how the NYSE/NASDAQ works)
  • Margin
  • In-depth municipal securities topics

Things you should focus on:

Your inclinations are right regarding the heavily tested topics on the Series 6. I hope this helps!

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Thank you very much! I’m going to see if I can knock out the 6 in the next week or so.