Passed SIE! (Series 7 or 66 next)

I passed my SIE exam on my first try. I had a basic financial knowledge and English is my 2nd language so it was a little challenging (I had to re-read all the questions).
Achivable helped me to understand everything clearly. The way it has links to go back helps you to refresh an old subject.
Thank you so much to you and your team!
Now, should I take the series 7 or the series 66 first?


Congratulations, @Pleasant_copper_hors! I’m so happy for your success on the SIE and that you connected well with our material.

Your next step will depend on your employment situation. You can only take the Series 7 only if you’re sponsored by a FINRA member firm (basically a registered financial firm). If this is true, I recommend you start next with the Series 7, as it builds on many of the topics you learned while preparing for the SIE.

If you’re not currently employed or sponsored by a member firm, you can take the Series 66 on your own (no sponsorship required). If the plan is to pass as many licensing exams as possible prior to getting hired, the Series 66 probably should be your next step.

I always recommend a discussion with the employer (or future employer), as they will know what licenses your should go after and when. Our expertise is in how to pass these exams effectively, not necessarily what exams to take and when. Your role in the industry will dictate this, and a compliance officer of any firm should be able to direct you to the appropriate exam. Once you know what exam you should be preparing for, that’s where we can help.

I hope this provides some assistance. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.