Passed, Finally!

I did it, I passed my second attempt at the 7! I honestly don’t think I would’ve passed had I not found Achievable. My firm was having us use TC but it wasn’t clicking for me. Just not my style of learning.

Off to 63. At my firm we have to take it two weeks after the top off. Is that an adequate amount of time?


Congratulations, @Adrianne-Philpott! We’re so happy for you!

In regards to the 63 - yes, 2 weeks is enough time. The exam covers a lot less material than the Series 7. When I used to teach classes in the industry, my firm would sometimes only give me 4 days to get my students ready. Even with only 4 days to prepare, we consistently maintained 90%+ pass rates. 2 weeks will be more than enough time if you can dedicate a decent amount of hours to your studies on a daily basis.

Good luck with your last exam!


Adrianne, do you have any tips you can share that you think helped you pass the 7?

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@Adrianne-Philpott I should have tagged you in the original post as I’m not sure if you will get the notification otherwise. If you have tips on how you passed the Series 7, I would be grateful but if you are busy studying for another exam, no worries.


@Marisa Hey, I’m so sorry for the late reply.

My tip that worked for me was writing things down. Reading and then writing the key points down helped me understand it better. I also didnt pass the exam my 1st time around. So really getting that extra time in to understand options was amazing. If you don’t understand options right now drill it in!! I loved Achievable’s method compared to the vendor my firm provided! Suitability is a huge focus point also which is where writing the information down really helped me memroize different products. Munis was another big thing on my test also but I have heard differently from coworkers.

Definitely focus on the areas your struggle in but dont forget to keep reviewing your strong points also. There’s so much that goes into the 7 that if you’re not constantly refreshing your brain on it you will forget it!

Lastly I hate saying this cause it’s so cliché but confidence. Believe in yourself. The first time I took the 7 in the middle of it I was wondering how I was going to have the conversation with my boss about failing. Don’t do that! Take you time, take a breath, go the restroom and get your thoughts together, you have time to do that! Look in that mirror and say you got this and you’re going to kill it!!

Hope this helps a little. Sending all good vibes your way!!


@Adrianne-Philpott Thank you so much! This is very helpful.

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