Passed 63 with Achievable

Hi everyone, just want to make one more post in case anyone is thinking about getting achievable for the 63.

I had one week to study provided material from my firm so I got achievable as well. Because it helped so much with the SIE and S7, and the short time I had with it, it ended in a pass (the first time as well for all three exams!)

I probably won’t be back until I start maybe something else like a 66 in the future. But I just wanted to say, thank you to everyone on the Achievable team. You guys put so much time and effort into continuously improving a learning experience to help professionals like me prepare and pass every exam. I appreciate all of you greatly! I hope every firm in the country picks up this as their main program to help their partners study.

Thank you guys !!

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Congrats on passing your Series 63 @dryden, and thanks for the love!