Overlap between s65 and SIE?

I passed the SIE back in October and just started studying for the 65. I’ve noticed that a lot of the material on investment characteristics (common vs preferred and bond types) is mostly the same. There were a few bits of additional detail in some of these chapters but that probably amounted to 2% of the content. I can tell a lot of this prep is going to cover the same material. There are some chapters with brand new titles on laws/regs and some options strategies that look brand new, diving into these may be better use of my time I’m thinking.

Is it inadvisable to skip sections I know I’m already comfortable with? For example, the hour I just spent on government bonds was a review of things I was already pretty comfortable with.

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Hi @Bennie_Kuhn, good question. Almost all the FINRA/NASAA exams generally cover the same topics, with the difference being in the depth and focus of the material. We’ve put together a chart that helps illustrate this:

If you feel a chapter is familiar, we recommend skimming through it and taking the quiz at the end. If you don’t ace it, then reread the chapter more carefully to ensure you fill in any weak areas!