Only 7 days to study! Any tips?

Hi! I just started studying yesterday but I am taking the SIE in 7 days. No getting around that as my new job requests it.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on what to do when you have so little time? I specifically have been wondering if I should take notes or not since that will consume too much time. Is it enough to just read the text and take the practice tests?

Honestly any type of recommendation would be helpful, I’m so nervous!


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Hi @Live_amber_hippopota, welcome!

Studying for the SIE in a week will be intense, but you can do it! It’s fairly common to see firms put their new hires through a “bootcamp” period like this where you just cram for the exam.

For anyone else reading this thread: we feel it’s much better to take your time learning and not cram your studying into a single week. It’ll be less stressful and you’ll have a better understanding and long-term retention of the material. But if you’re in this situation, here’s what I’d recommend (assuming you don’t have to work and are just studying):

  1. Read through the entire online textbook from start to end. It’s about 8 hours of reading, so try to break it into 4 sessions of 2 hours each over two days.
  2. Skip the topic review quizzes entirely, just focus on reading and understanding.
  3. After you’ve read the entire book, start doing full-length, timed practice exams, maybe around three a day. After you finish an exam, take a 5-minute break, then spend an hour or so reviewing every question you missed or guessed. Revisit the reading material for trickier topics.
  4. Get a good night’s rest the night before the exam.
  5. Review the SIE exam dump sheet immediately before your exam.
  6. And do your best!

Thank you, Justin, I’ll try to follow that!

Hey, Justin, just wanted to let you l know I passed my SIE Exam on Friday!
Thank you so much for your tips, I wouldn’t have made it all the way to the end of the content if it wasn’t for your recommendation to skip the quizzes! I had only one day left after reading (I took so much longer than 8 hours!).
I took the first practice test and got 85%, so I made the decision to not take any others and start reviewing the content instead. I re-read all the Key Points from beginning to end and it helped so much since some of it had already gotten out of my mind! I know it was a risky move but I’m happy it worked!
Thank you so much to all the Achievable Team for the amazing material you guys put together for us! My firm will be tracking my progress on Kaplan for the Series 7 but I’ll probably still use Achievable on the side, especially for Practice Tests!
You guys are awesome, thank you, thank you!


Congratulations, @Live_amber_hippopota! I’m so happy for you!

Best of luck to you with the Series 7. You can do it!


hi did you find the practices questions on achievable similar to the SIE? thanks in advance ! congrats !!!

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