Last Minute Help for Series 63

Retaking my Series 63 on Monday! Any tips on what top topics are mostly covered on the exam? I feel like this exam relies a lot on memorization…

I didn’t have enough time to prepare my first time around since my firm only gave me 2 weeks to prepare after passing the series 7 and I didn’t feel it was enough… my grade was a 70… Worst feeling ever. I have spent the last 30 days going through the entire material again and really paying attention to every practice question.

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Hi @Jealous_moccasin_boa, you’re almost there!

The Series 63 is certainly very memorization-heavy, and there’s often a lot of tricky nuance in the questions. It’s tough to know specifically what you’ll get since every exam is randomized, but NASAA has published their overall test weightings.

We have the exam weights on our Series 63 overview page (under NASAA’s exam summary) if you’d like to look.

Regardless, the best strategy is likely to take additional practice exams, carefully reviewing the textbook material for any questions you missed or guessed! When you’re taking the exam, make sure to carefully read each question to ensure you understand the complete meaning.

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