Just passed Series 63

Just passed Series 63 on my first try using only Achievable (following my positive experience with the SIE exam). Again, I found the textbook material well structured, relatively easy to learn (let’s be honest, it is not the most riveting topic to begin with) and the method (study plan laid out, quizzes, practice exams, etc.) very helpful; I do not watch videos so I cannot comment on them. Congratulations and thanks to the Achievable team for putting this together!

That said, the exam itself was somewhat different than the preparation materials, and I did not feel confident while taking it:
-many questions were reminiscent of the SIE (customers opening margin accounts, etc.)
-some technical points not covered by the study material, like “is an endowment policy a security?” (it’s not)
-not as many questions on state registration as I expected (“Agent X maintains a office in state Y”, etc.)
-I found the ethics questions quite difficult; they were very specific on the reason why a certain behavior was unethical (e. g. misstating material facts vs. deception in advertising material)

Trick questions I was expecting and duly covered in the prep materials: correctly classifying a person (IAR vs. Investment Company vs…), fed-covered IA, fed-covered / exempt securities, exempt transactions. Be sure to read the question carefully!

In total, about 8-day prep, and by the time I was done with the textbook I was consistently getting practice exams scores in the 90s ; naturally you never know by how much you pass, but this was probably sufficient :slight_smile:

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Hi @Kenny_Green, congrats on passing your Series 63!

I’m glad that you enjoyed our course materials and study platform, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!