Is achievable good for the 63?

Hi! looking for a new vendor because I don’t like the one my firm prefers me to use!

Does anyone know if achievable is good for the 63 and if they offer any coupon codes?


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Hi @Hostile_sapphire_cob, welcome!

I’m one of the founders of Achievable, and naturally, I think all our courses are good :slight_smile:

But, you should decide for yourself! We’ve made the first few pages totally free so you can try it and see if it’s a good fit before deciding to buy it.

Achievable Series 63 - Introduction

FYI - Our courses are already priced at a good value so we don’t do many coupons. We do have a loyalty program though, so after you pass your 63 with us, reach back out and we can give you a nice discount if you need to take anything else!

Well, I actually did just use the series 7 through you guys and passed yesterday. I liked that program but wasn’t sure about the 63. What is the loyalty program your referring to? I think I’ll end up using you guys again if that’s the case.

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Awesome, I didn’t realize we helped you with your 7!

I’ll DM you about the loyalty discount :slight_smile:

I do recommend Achievable.

The materials are easy to understand. It’s not like educational textbooks which are hard to understand.

I will definitely use this site for 7 and 63, IMO.

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