I failed my SIE by 66% I was SO close to passing it ugh

Im currently doing my second review of the SIE exam. When i took it for the first time it was weird because i understood the questions however the multiple choice questions threw me off. felt bad for about 2 days for missing it by a few percent.

but my supervisor is very supportive and got me more motivated to pass it the second time!!

I came so close to passing it the first time. Well also given i didnt complete using achievable. The financial firm thats sponsoring me has us use kaplan. Which isnt bad but i find achievable much easier to read.

Any other suggestions on how I can finally beat this test? I’ve been doing a lot of mock test on kaplan. I just do the quizes on achievable chapters.

I tend to also be an over thinker and I over analyze things sometimes to a fault which doesnt help in learning some of these straight forward principles. Over thinking is only good when writing research papers i feel like haha.

Any tips appreciated


Thanks for posting! It’s definitely frustrating if you aren’t able to pass on your first try, but the good news is that you are super close and are very likely to get it on your next take!

I’m also very glad to hear that you’ve found Achievable easier to read, and spending more time with our materials should help :wink:

While reviewing our chapter quizzes is certainly valuable, I would also suggest that you take our mock tests as well. These questions tend to be a little harder than the chapter quizzes, and we weight them similarly to the real exam as well. The quizzes are great for learning, whereas the exams are really meant to get you through the home stretch and prepare you for the big day.

Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions related to the course materials, and hang in there!


Yea im definitely planning to do more tests on achievable. Im definitely gonna kill it on the second run! Thamk you :slight_smile:


I got a 69! I am looking for a live class. I have never failed an exam and I must pass this before the end of the month to keep my job. Does anyone know of a live class?


Hi @Quintessential_olive, I’m so sorry to hear that, but hang in there, you’re really close!

Achievable partners with some great tutors that we highly recommend, you can check out their profiles on our SIE tutors and resources page.

They run their own independent businesses so I’m not sure of their current availability, but I believe that Ken is currently doing live weekly review sessions - he might be a good person to reach out to first.