Failed 66 Attempt #1


I unfortunately did not pass the 66 the first time around. Will be ready in the next 30 days.

Are you able to guide me on how I can reset my exams so I can retake and practice? Or is that something you can do?

Thank you!


I was wondering the same. How should I study differently these next 30 days. I got a 66% on Saturday.

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Hi @Lynn_Hintz, I’ve reviewed your account, and my feedback for you is very similar to the feedback I’ve just left @Dean_Paucek over here: First Attempt- 66% - #2 by Justin


  1. Slow down while taking the exams, taking time to carefully read the question, consider choices, and think through similar situations
  2. After taking a practice exam, spend a few hours going through everything missed or guessed, revisiting the textbook as needed

I see that almost every one of your exams was completed in 1/3 the time, so I suspect that taking the time to think critically about the question before choosing an option will have a major impact to your scores.

I can also see that you’ve skimmed through many of the chapters, and would encourage you to read through all the material diligently.

Justin -

Thank you for the response. I have set up a study guide for the next 30 days to be better prepared the next time around.

For those that fail the first time around, do you have a recommended way of studying that has seen positive results? Additionally, can you please let me know how I can take additional practice exams for the 66, as I have used my attempts up.

Thank you.

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Since you’re pretty close, I’d recommend that you focus on practice exams. When you take one, do it slowly and realistically, aiming to use around 2/3 of the time. After you’re done, take a break to refresh, and then go question by question through the exam, carefully reviewing everything you’ve missed or guessed. Look up the concept in the textbook if you don’t have a through understanding yet. It’s simple, but this focused review is very effective to fill in weaker areas.

Every time you take a new full exam (the last tile on the practice exams page) the system will generate a new realistically weighted exam, prioritizing questions you haven’t seen yet. We have a huge question bank, enough for 25+ unique full exams, so there’s plenty more you can practice with!