Failed 66 Attempt #1


I unfortunately did not pass the 66 the first time around. Will be ready in the next 30 days.

Are you able to guide me on how I can reset my exams so I can retake and practice? Or is that something you can do?

Thank you!


I was wondering the same. How should I study differently these next 30 days. I got a 66% on Saturday.

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Hi @Lynn_Hintz, I’ve reviewed your account, and my feedback for you is very similar to the feedback I’ve just left @Dean_Paucek over here: First Attempt- 66% - #2 by Justin


  1. Slow down while taking the exams, taking time to carefully read the question, consider choices, and think through similar situations
  2. After taking a practice exam, spend a few hours going through everything missed or guessed, revisiting the textbook as needed

I see that almost every one of your exams was completed in 1/3 the time, so I suspect that taking the time to think critically about the question before choosing an option will have a major impact to your scores.

I can also see that you’ve skimmed through many of the chapters, and would encourage you to read through all the material diligently.

Justin -

Thank you for the response. I have set up a study guide for the next 30 days to be better prepared the next time around.

For those that fail the first time around, do you have a recommended way of studying that has seen positive results? Additionally, can you please let me know how I can take additional practice exams for the 66, as I have used my attempts up.

Thank you.

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Since you’re pretty close, I’d recommend that you focus on practice exams. When you take one, do it slowly and realistically, aiming to use around 2/3 of the time. After you’re done, take a break to refresh, and then go question by question through the exam, carefully reviewing everything you’ve missed or guessed. Look up the concept in the textbook if you don’t have a through understanding yet. It’s simple, but this focused review is very effective to fill in weaker areas.

Every time you take a new full exam (the last tile on the practice exams page) the system will generate a new realistically weighted exam, prioritizing questions you haven’t seen yet. We have a huge question bank, enough for 25+ unique full exams, so there’s plenty more you can practice with!

Hello Justin,

Unfortunately, I did not pass the second time around. However, I did improve my score from last time. As I am on my last attempt before the 6-month period begins, can you please review my profile and advise on what you recommend I proceed with these next 30 days? Additionally, how much time should I be dedicating each day as I am now just refining my knowledge and making adjustments.

I have taken more than 10+ exams and have progressed.

Thanks again!

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Good work on the score increase; we’ll get you over the hump on your next take.

I reviewed your account, and improving a few study habits will have a significant impact:

  • Go much slower and thoughtfully through the exams. You’re flying through the exams in less than a third of the time - this is barely enough even to read the question! Take your time to read the prompt and choices carefully, think about the goal of the question from the perspective of the question author, make your choice, and then reread the question again to check if things still make sense. Even if you feel you can jump straight to a choice, go through the process every time to ensure you aren’t missing or misreading key information.
  • Review your practice exams. It’s great that you’ve taken those practice exams, but you’ve only spent a few minutes reviewing. You should set aside a few hours after every exam to go carefully through question by question and reviewing everything you’ve missed or guessed. Without this focused review, you’re likely to continue making the same mistakes. It’s helpful to see your score and summary breakdown, but the real value of practice exams is in identifying your weaker topics to direct your studying.

I’d suggest that you start by reviewing your past exams one by one, maybe something like two hours each day, and spent two days each on an exam. That’ll be about two weeks. With the last two weeks, I’d recommend alternating new exams and review, i.e. take an exam on Monday, review it on Tuesday, take one on Wednesday, review it on Thursday, etc. That’ll give you another 5+ full exams under your belt.

Also, it looks like you skimmed through some chapters without really reading them. I’d recommend you revisit these pages in particular:

  • 2.2.9 Tax implications
  • 2.2.11 Suitability
  • 2.3.2 Mutual funds
  • Fundamentals
  • Short calls
  • Short straddles
  • 2.5.2 Hedge funds
  • 2.5.4 Suitability
  • 5.6.7 Business continuity plans

Thank you Justin - I will take what you have recommended and apply for this exam study.

I had it scheduled for June 1st, is that too tight of a turn around? Or do you think I can do that?

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If you have a few hours per day in those three weeks, you should be OK. It’s important to get into a consistent schedule - try to set aside a few hours per day for focused studying!

Hello, I am curious have you already taken the Series 7?

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@Lynn_Hintz – Something I found helpful while studying for the S7 was to go through all of my missed questions on the Practice exam, read the explanation and then hand write a flash card. I would review my flashcards each night before bed. Then the next day I would take a quiz on just the missed questions to see how much of them I got right compared to my first attempt. Carryover the flash cards and add to them for each practice test and review them all each night.



After further thought, I have decided to push the exam to the 12th of June to give me some more time on focusing on my lacking topics! The goal is to feel more confident going into this last attempt.

Would you be able to create a daily/weekly task/test taking calendar for me based on my scores? After you finish the material as you know achievable does not readjust the study schedule, only adds in exams. thank you!

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Hi @Lynn_Hintz, don’t overthink it! Basically, just:

  1. Carefully read the chapters you skipped over
  2. Every few days, take a full practice exam
  3. Spend several hours reviewing everything missed or guessed

If you slow down, carefully approach the practice exams and thoughtfully review, you should be in good shape.


in the same spot…what is your plan going forward?

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