First Attempt- 66%

I took the SIE on Saturday and got a 66%. How do you recommend I go about studying for the next 30 days? Read the book again? Focus on practice exams??

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I’m sorry to hear that, but glad you reached out. I’ve reviewed your account and have a few suggestions:

It’s crucial that you’re consistently passing practice exams before you take your actual one. We make our practice exams as similar to the actual one as possible, and as you’ve seen, your scores will be similar.

I noticed you’re often going through the exams very quickly, and I’d recommend that you slow down. Even if you feel you already know the answer, take the time to carefully read the prompt, consider the choices, and think about how the options might change if key information was different. This will help you develop a deeper understanding of the concepts.

After taking an exam, it’s essential that you spend a significant of time reviewing everything you’ve missed and guessed. Spend a few hours going question by question, reading the explanations, and revisiting the text as needed.

It looks like you’re on the right track, and with some adjustments to your study habits, you should be in a good place to pass on your next attempt!