Failed 1st Attempt Series 7

I failed my first round series 7 with a 68%. What should I do now?

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I’m sorry to hear that, but you’re really close and we can get you on track!

I’ve reviewed your account, and my feedback is very similar to what I suggested a few days ago in this thread - First Attempt- 66% - #2 by Justin

Please take a look, but in summary:

  • Once you’re consistently passing our exams, then you’re ready for the real one
  • Slow down, take the time to understand the question prompt and choices
  • Spend much more time reviewing exams after you’ve taken them

For next steps, I recommend you continue to take more practice exams but do them more thoughtfully with a more thorough review. I suspect you’re unconsciously getting used to some of our wording, which is why your scores bounce around so much. Remember that taking practice exams is part of the learning journey - the goal is to solidify your knowledge and fill in weaker areas, not just to get it done!