Digital Assets question Exam 65

Logged into get some reading and quiz-taking done. The text book took me back to part 2 to a lesson about digital assets, followed by a lesson “digital assets suitability”. Were these lessons added today?
Or did I somehow skip them without realizing it? I would swear these two topics/lessons were not there yesterday. Also, am I correct that there are not quiz questions on these two topics?
Are these topics on the exam?

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Hi @Emilio_Rogahn - we added several new concepts to our reading materials yesterday. These updates have been made to reflect the updated NASAA exam outline, which will go into effect on the actual exam on June 12th. We published a blog post about the upcoming changes a few weeks ago. Here’s a list of the new updates with links to their location in the Series 65 program:

If you’re taking the exam before June 12th, you can ignore these new concepts. If you’re taking it on or after June 12th, these concepts could be on your exam.

Our tech team is performing an update to the system today that will post nearly 100 new questions to the Series 65 program. Check back later and you’ll find practice questions for the digital assets chapters.


Thank you, Brandon.
Just starting to go through this list to identify anything I missed. I’ve studied most of it except for the first few items. Clicking on the SPAC’s, Blind pools, and Blank check companies links takes me to hedge funds, 2.5.2. Is this correct?

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Hi @Emilio_Rogahn - sorry for the late reply. Yes - you are correct. SPACs, blind pools, and blank check companies are not hedge funds, but we found it was the most appropriate chapter to place them in as they are common investments held within hedge funds.

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