Dashboard question for Series 65

Any why lessons/topics that I have read and for which I have taken quizzes (after scoring 100% repeatedly) have turned from green back to white as if I have not read this? It occurs in the “Content Readiness” area, and is does not occur in the same topics in the “Memory Progress” area. It has occurred about three times in the past week with some of the earlier lessons. One example is “Trading and the Market”. I was at 100% in the Memory Progress on this and now am at 84%. I had already studied that topics and had repeatedly scored 100%.

Update: Now, the topics that had turned from green to white are back to green, with two other topics now showing white. To be fair, the topics now showing white seem to be topics you recently added - “Transactions” and “Shareholder Rights”. However, I read “Transactions” already and repeatedly scored very high (I think 100% a couple of times) and it shows green in “Memory” but white in “Content”. I realize this may not bother some people. However, I really like the Dashboard area and find it very motivating.

You may notice multiple edits on this comment. I updated to give you as much accurate detail as possible depending on what I was seeing on the dashboard. Last, I notice that the boxes that change from green to white continue to change, even while editing this, and thus, I will not add more detail to this post because it may be inaccurate by the time you read this. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Emilio_Rogahn, thanks for reaching out. The reason for this is because our system takes forgetting into account. Even if you scored 100% on a quiz right after you read the chapter, it doesn’t mean that you’ll remember those concepts 100% on your exam day sometime in the future. The “scores” we show in the memory progress section are more like general measurements of your memory strength for those topics. Although your top priority should be to move through new content to complete everything by your exam date, taking those review quizzes is an important way to refresh the material you’ve already covered.

If sections are white in the content progress section, it means that they are unread, and you should take a look and answer their corresponding quizzes at the end of the page. It might be because you never read that page originally, or it could also be because we rearranged or added content that we feel is important to see again. Although the core information on these exams doesn’t change all that often, we view Achievable courses as living products, and we make hundreds of updates every month for clarity and to stay close to minor shifts in exam focus.

Thanks for the reply. My apologies for a few typos in my original post.

When the boxes/topics are white in the early content areas, I had read them and scored very well repeatedly. I did re-read those few in case I saw new material. The only I can think of that the green boxes turn white again is that new material was added. I noticed new material in one instance. In another I did not though that does not mean it was not there and that I already new the topic.
Thanks again.

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