Dashbaord Reset

Would it be possible to get my dashboard reset?

I failed the 63 because I started second guessing myself and changed answers in review. I feel confident based off of practice exams but would like to go through the material and see that progression again.

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Hi @Legitimate_red_camel, sure thing, I’ve just reset your account.

One tip I like to use to help minimize second-guessing and changing answers is to read the question a second time in reverse.

Like this:

  • I picked: only listed stocks trade in the third market

  • The question asks: An investor places a trade, which is executed in the third market. What statement made by a representative confirming the trade to a customer is misleading or incorrect?

  • Does my answer make sense with the question?

You’re looking to confirm your choice, not to rethink or reanswer the whole question. I find this helps catch many errors that come from misreading while allowing you to follow your instinct!

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Makes sense. I have it again in a couple of weeks. I’ll definitely keep this in mind when retaking.

Thank you!

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