Concern for the 63

I used you yall for the Series7 (bought out of my pocket) when I felt STC (company bought) was becoming repetition and I was seeing the questions over and over. I can say that I did not see hardly any of the same questions with Series 7 when I used yall.

Now I decided to get the Series 63 (bought out of pocket) even though my company has again paid for STC. I have notice the material is great, but the there is only 174 questions and I have read the entire text book, the same questions keep appearing and I have not taken but 3 exams. I test next Friday May 13 and want to make sure that I am not just memorizing this material. Even the review (memory progress) I am only get a handful of questions daily.

Is that all the questions that are suppose to be in threre?

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Hi @Incredible_harlequin, thanks for being a loyal Achievable customer :slight_smile:

Yes, our question banks are very deep for most of our courses, typically each having over 2,000 questions.

We took a different approach for our Series 63 course since the test itself is smaller in scope, instead going for fewer but more targeted questions. Our 63 pass rates are in the high 90s, same as our other courses, so we feel confident that the questions we have are sufficient. That said, we completely understand that it feels very different from our courses and there is a higher potential for overstudying, and we’re actively writing more questions for it. These additional questions will automatically be available for study in your account as we release them.

The most helpful thing you can do is to take a practice exam and then very carefully review every question that you missed or have guessed. Since it does have fewer questions, it’s very important that you understand each of them, as they’re each individually that much more important.

Also pay particular attention to the “Troublesome questions” section in your dashboard! You want to keep this number as low as possible and if you do notice any sticky subjects, it might be helpful to go through them individually to ensure you get them correct the next time.

Hi @Incredible_harlequin - thanks for posting on our forum.

Like @Justin said, I completely understand your concerns regarding the size of our question bank and also agree with everything he said in his response. I’ll add this - a large number of the questions in our bank are dynamic, which means the question and answers change each time you encounter it. The reality is - the Series 63 covers significantly less material than the Series 7, and our question bank reflects it.

Regardless, we continue to add more questions to our bank. In fact, we are releasing weekly batches of new review and practice exam questions every week (typically on Monday). Be sure to take more practice exams next week prior to your exam, and you will encounter new questions.

One last suggestion - I recommend reading through our digital book once or twice more before you sit for the exam. You should do this the evening before the exam, and maybe even the morning prior (unless your test is early). Re-reading the material will help you remember the important details, especially on the following topics:

  • Disclosures on Form BD, ADV, and U-4
  • Unethical actions
  • Actions the administrator may take

I hope this helps! Good luck on the 13th!

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thank you. I fell and broke my wrist right one, and yes i am right handed, Boss made me reschedule because he is worried about the time of the test because i have to use my left hand .

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I’m so sorry! Good luck with your recovery!

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When you reference the digital book, are you referring to the text book, or something else? When you said to read it the night before or the morning of, that is quite the epic speed read:-) That is where I am at…I take the test in the morning, but only found your material through your cheat sheet for the 63.
One thing I think will make it even better would be to have audio visual for every section, like Kaplan does, with a workbook to fill in and take notes. Also an audio of the textbook would be nice. Besides those suggestions, your explanations and writing style is much easier to understand and simply to get the key topics and your site is much easier to access on any device/computer and keep track of progress, without making too complicated. Thanks!!! Wish me luck!

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Hi @Alicia_Boyle - it would be too much content to read everything in a day, but re-reading some of the sections you find most challenging is a good idea!