Why Cant I Pass the STC Practice Exams?

After weeks of studying on Achieveable I went back to take STC exams my employer paid for and I have not passed a single one. The highest I’ve got is a 60%. I must pass the STC Greenlight Exam to take the real SIE. What am I doing wrong? I just don’t get it.

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Hi @YOU_WILL_SUCCEED. Thanks for reaching out!

As a professional teacher and tutor, I see this situation occur frequently. Also, it goes both ways. Meaning, whenever a test taker switches into a new platform, their exam scores almost always decline (anywhere from 5-20% downwards). This is not unique to Achievable users. In fact, we’ve had several new customers of ours learn initially through other vendor platforms (STC included), score high on their finals, then fail Achievable final exams. This is absolutely normal.

There are a few reasons for the decline. First, switching into a new set of questions written in a different tone / perspective typically catches most test takers off guard. Second, it’s quite possible you subconsciously memorized question formats in our test bank without fully understanding the topic. If you’ve ever answered an Achievable question correctly but only because you saw a similar or same question before, you won’t have the same success with a different question set.

It’s actually good you’re facing challenges now instead of on the real exam. It’s just practice! Given your employer is using STC as their standard program, my best advice is to continue taking STC practice finals and doing a thorough review of each. Eventually, your scores will begin increasing and you’ll pass their exams. If you come across a topic tested on their platform that is not covered on ours, it’s likely not an important test topic.

Still continue to use Achievable finals every now and then. Also, utilize our reading material during your review of their practice finals (cross-reference topics if you’re still confused after reviewing a question). If you get to the point where you’re consistently passing finals on both platforms, you’re almost certain to pass. Also, keep in mind a score of 60% is only 7-8 questions from passing. You’re close! Keep up the good work.

If you have any other questions I can answer for you, please let me know.


Thank you. I think I’m just on edge. I’m determined to pass this the first try and will do whatever it takes be make sure of this.

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I totally understand. The licensing process is intense, and it’s normal to go through an emotional rollercoaster. If we can help any further, please let us know.

Good luck with your studies!


It’s definitely stressful but you’re at the finish line :slight_smile:

Another good tip is to take a minute to ask why you got those questions incorrect.

  • Was it because you didn’t know the underlying facts?
  • Or maybe you misread some information in the question?
  • Did you actually know it after all and stress just got in the way?

Whatever the reason is, stepping back to understand what went wrong will give you some helpful insight.

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The common weak points in using Achievable and STC are within Chapters 7, 8, and 14. ETFS, and IUTs I struggle greatly with. I’ve got some reading to do. Thank you Justin

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