White space on screen


I love the website and the course! I am currently studying for SIE.

During the course of review and practicing the review questions, I noticed that there is a HUGE white space between the questions and the answer choices.

I am using an ultrawide monitor. Perhaps, that might be the reason.

I’d love to see the review question pages to be in 1920x1080 resolution so the white space between the questions & answers won’t be so far apart.

I know at Prometric, they used a small standard monitor and probably will help to replicate that viewing experience.

If you want me to provide pictures with references, let me know.


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Hi @FoxMcCloud, thanks for posting about this.

From your description, it sounds like something we can easily improve once we can reproduce it.

Details would be great - I’ll follow up directly over DM.

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Hi @FoxMcCloud, to improve this for now, we just deployed a change that limits the maximum size of the quiz UX.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be making other usability improvements to these screens as well!

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