White Board Use During Test

When I took the SIE we were given two sheets of paper and pencil. In preparation for taking the 7 soon I’m hearing that you only get a white board and marker. Has anyone who has taken the 7 had that experience? I’ve been practicing writing down my dump sheet on paper, but if we just get one of those bigger chisel tip markers and a small white board I don’t think I’ll be able to write much at all.

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I’ve heard from folks that it varies. I think they do their best to provide a standard experience to every test-taker, but it seems as though the exact policy is up to the testing center.

If it’s important to you whether or have paper or the plastic sheet, my recommendation is to call the testing center and ask them directly!

Ah ok thanks, I thought this was something new across the board.

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there are 2 laminated sheets, 2 erasable markers and a calculator provided. You can raise your hand to exchange clean sheets. I put all dump sheets stuff on one side and use the other side to do calculations or anything needed like settlement date/ex-dividend date/balance sheets things. Mine were completed filled front and back when I took my 7. I passed my exam without raising hands to exchange writing sheets.

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Ok great thanks for sharing that!