What score do I need?

This is my second attempt taking the S7TO. My first score was a 68% and I was scoring an average of 82% on the STC finals. I did not feel like the STC materials were matched to the actual exam questions. There is also a possibility that I was just memorizing the answers as the STC question bank is rather low. Anyway, I am now using Achievable and I had some supplemental STC final exams as well. My test is in two weeks and I still can’t get my scores out of the 70’s. I do fine when I am taking the chapter quizzes as I go along, but when it comes to the finals, I can’t get my scores up into the 80’s. What score do I need on the finals to get me a passing score on the real test. Is Achievable more or less difficult than the actual exam? Any insight would be great. Thank you!

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Hi @Cultural_salmon_magp, thanks for reaching out. The best advice I can offer is to just spend more time carefully reviewing the practice exams after you’ve taken them. Taking the exams is a great way to benchmark your score, but it’s the review that will help improve your score for future takes. It’s a good idea to carefully go through every question that you’ve missed or guessed on, reviewing the textbook as needed to ensure that you understand the core concepts, rather than just this specific question.

Our data shows that our practice exam scores do match closely with real exam scores. Although the passing score for the Series 7 is a 72, we tend to recommend that people are consistently scoring in the mid-80s to feel confident. Taking the real exam in inherently stressful and you won’t be performing at your best, so it’s nice to build in a bit of a buffer to compensate for this.

Thanks Justin! I will be sure to keep reviewing the material that is still unclear. I appreciate the response! :slight_smile: