What new features would you like?

We’re always improving the Achievable platform, and user feedback drives our product roadmap.

One of the most common feature requests we’ve gotten is to have the ability to search the online textbook, and we’ll be tackling that right after we launch our next set of courses it’s now live!

What other features could we add that would improve your experience?

Maybe a quiz flashcard section that is just based on the formulas…

Also the videos in the problems like the one on stock splits are awesome


Thanks for the feedback!

Did you know about the quiz options screen? The button is tiny and we could do a better job explaining our interface…

The sliders icon in the top right lets you select specific topics to review, which can be helpful if say you’re just looking to practice options math and formulas.

The “repeat randomizable questions” checkbox goes hand in hand with the topic selector. Traditional questions are still included, but it will fill out the session to the max by generating more formula-based questions if any are present in that topic. So for instance, if there are 10 traditional questions and 10 formula-based questions in options, and you select a session size of 50 and have the “repeat randomizable” box ticked, it will fill out the session with an additional 30 formula-based questions. Not exactly the same as what you’re asking for… but it may help with the same goal.

The randomizable questions are immensely valuable since your brain unconsciously holds onto the shape of questions you’ve seen, even if you can’t actively recall that info. By randomizing the questions we can accurately test the underlying concept every time.

It takes a ton of time for us to write these randomized questions compared to the traditional ones, but it’s definitely worth it for the improved learning experience. In Achievable SIE, approximately 30% of the questions are randomizable. In Achievable Series 7, we’ve really doubled down with our efforts there, and so far about 60% of the questions are randomizable. For our Achievable GRE course, every single one of the quantitative questions is randomizable!

Glad to hear that you appreciate Brandon’s videos! We currently have about a dozen of them scattered throughout the content, and we’re working on adding more. We’re also planning to add a video library of sorts so you can access them all in one place in addition to seeing them inline in the content.


Okay, we’re dreaming big here, right? Here we go: I would like to have a place to keep notes for each separate page that automatically goes to a One-Big-Notes area with the relevant page noted next to it. Does this make sense? By the way, I am a refugee from ExamFX, but the one thing I like is that you can highlight their text. That would be great too! Highlighters of different colors to use on the pages. Thanks, guys!

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Thanks for these suggestions; I think these are both great ideas!

Notes per page
Giving you a place to take notes and collecting them all up into one big note should be pretty straightforward from a technical implementation perspective; I don’t see any roadblocks there. We’ll just need to understand how this would work with our UX. I’ll keep this in mind as we redesign the study experience.

Highlighting is an extremely complex feature to implement, particularly given that we frequently update our material. We do get a feature request for this every now and then and I can see the value, so it’s something that has been on my mind. Still waiting for the breakthrough moment of how to architect it though.

These are both ticketed in our product task tracker! No ETAs at this point, but they are recorded :slight_smile:

Awesome, Justin! Thank you!

I also wonder if we can’t take some limitations off of these comments. I had 3 images to share for a problem I am having with a quiz question but I ran into these roadblocks: (1) I can’t put 3 images into a post as a “new” user (I don’t know what that means: “New”, in this context); (2) I tried posting the images one at a time and was told I was moving too quickly and to wait 16 seconds. Why? (3) When I tried to post the 3rd image I was told I had exceeded the number of posts I could make for that page. I don’t understand the use for that limitation either. Can we take any of those limitations away?

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Ah, sorry, that’s a built-in feature of the forum site to limit spam.

I’ve just upgraded your “trust level” so you should be able to bypass most of these restrictions!

You’re the best!!! Thank you!

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Hey Justin, it’s a cool feature that when you hover over the map on the dashboard it tells you what is in which section, but it would be even cooler if you could then click on that and it would take you to that section! Cheers!

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Agreed - I’ve just added this to our task tracker!

Just added this feature!

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Is there a discord channel for Achievable? it would be great to have one.

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Hey @FoxMcCloud, we don’t have a discord server currently, but we’re open to the idea.

What would you be looking to use discord for that this forum doesn’t provide?

I would say more videos. Explaining harder topics


an interactive experience. Something like a regular chatroom.

I think it could be an extension of the forum.

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more videos would be cool!

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I would like to be able to visit the questions that I’ve answered wrong on the quiz.

Because I have encountered two similar questions with different languages but I couldn’t go back to see the difference and how I answered one correctly and the other one answered wrong.

So, If I can go back to see those questions, it will help me know what I did wrong.

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Thanks for the feedback!

We did intentionally make review mode (vs exam mode) focused on the single question, since from a learning perspective, it’s best to focus on just that single piece of information, clear your mind, and then move on to the next one. We’ve received a lot of feedback that people still want to review in batches, and we want to support that use case, even if it isn’t what we’d recommend.

We are adding a lot more functionality to the quizzing tool and the two experiences (review/exam) are going to end up being much more similar. To set expectations though - this will be a long process for us that will probably take several months at the earliest. The quiz app is quite complicated and making these large changes is a major effort.

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