What happened to the videos?

I just purchased the SIE program and in chapter one, there was a video with almost every lesson. Now I’m in chapter two and there are no longer links in the textbook. What happened to the videos? It was really helpful in chapter one. I see some videos at the bottom under resources, but it’s hard to tell what section they go with.

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Hi @Alton_Gorczany - thanks for your question. We have videos throughout our course, but not in every chapter. Our “video footprint” is heaviest in the Common stock, Options, and Secondary Market chapters. You’ll encounter more videos the further you make your way through our program.

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Also, we’re continually making more videos and adding them to the course!

If there is a specific topic you would like covered, please let us know~

On the topic of videos, it would be helpful if there were (more?) video summaries that we can watch instead of reading the section. I also think there may already be some of those but they only appear on the bottom of the page. If they could be moved to the top of the page I think that would make it easier to tell that the section has a video summary that we can watch instead of reading. Or at least some indication on the top of the page that this section contains a video summary.

I find the videos very helpful but I skip a lot of them because I see them only after reading the section and don’t want to spend my time reviewing something I just finished reading.

Yes, quite lazy, I know lol.