What does the readiness % mean?

I am due to take my Series 63 on Friday. I have failed by one question twice before and this is my final chance to pass it or I loose my position.
It says I am 83% ready. What does that mean?

I was using Knopman (This is what my company pays for) but I felt like I needed to try a different approach for my final try. I was told Achievable would work better for me and I also bought the Q bank from Kaplan since I have gone through all the practice questions with Knopman. My last 2 practice mock exam with Kaplan was at 92% and 85%. I am scoring lower with Achievable but I feel like the questions make me think more about the process then Knopman or Kaplan. I really like Achievable. I have learned so much deeper and seeing actual AVD forms and Prospectus has helped me a lot!

I am looking to see if I am on track to be prepared for my last chance this Friday.


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The exam readiness score is a complex aggregate that considers many factors. The most impactful ways to increase readiness are the ones we’ve identified to have the strongest correlation with actual exam performance: completing textbook chapters by taking their quizzes and scoring well on full practice exams.

It’s common to score a bit lower on exams when you switch materials - people tend to unconsciously get used to the author’s tone.

I reviewed your account, and it looks like you’re on track. I’d recommend taking more practice exams, and spending more time reviewing those exams after you take them.

So hang in there, stay focused, and finish strong!

Thank you so much Justin. I will be doing everything you recommend so I am ready and I will pass my the exam on Friday. Achievable is wonderful.

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I passed the series 63 today!! Yay!! Thank you so much for providing this very valuable service!! I wouldn’t have been able to pass without achievable.

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Congrats on your pass - I’m so glad to hear that!

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