Verbal Isn't Scary

I just took the GRE today and would like to offer some words of encouragement to those testing in the near future: don’t be too scared by the Verbal practice sections in Achievable. The passages and questions on the actual test were a bit less challenging than those in the ten practice exam sections. I was scoring in the high 150s to mid 160s on nearly all of the practice sets but managed a 170 on the GRE without too much trouble (plenty of extra time).

Pay attention to spoilers in answer choices and look for cite-able sentences in the passages. It does work. The Quant sections were a different story, to my chagrin.

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I’m glad to hear that you felt we’re close to the mark on the verbal!

Dialing in the difficulty of our verbal questions was particularly challenging since we’re trying to teach the concepts and process of how to solve unseen passages that are likely to include words you’ve never seen.