Unlock question pool

Hello, is it possible to have the quiz question pool unlocked while leaving the chapter progress the same? I’d like to be able to pull from the full question bank without having to do a final exam. Thank you!

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Hi @Bob_Bergstrom, it isn’t possible for us to do this, as the chapter review quiz questions are tightly linked to their corresponding textbook chapters. I can certainly unlock all those review questions for you, but that’s done essentially by automatically completing all the chapters.

I’d also like to note that the review quizzes are not our full question bank. We have two questions banks: the review quizzes linked to the textbook chapters, and our practice exams questions. Even if you haven’t read all the textbook material, you can still take the practice exam questions from the practice exams page. Although we strongly suggest it, you don’t need to do a full practice exam. If you scroll further down that page, you’ll see the questions categorized by topic.

Hi Justin, thanks for letting me know this. Funny, I’ve used Achiveable for the SIE, 7, and 63 and did not know the review questions weren’t the full question bank lol. I’ve passed all the exams my first try and have only done maybe 2 or 3 practice exams in total.

I will follow up if i do indeed need the Qbank unlocked. Thank you!

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