Ugh...69 on SIE

This one is frustrating as I felt SO good about this exam, even as I had finished. I wasn’t even concerned about the score as I thought I did really well. Then BAM…failed 69%. I am in total shock. I honestly have no idea what I missed. Of course there were a few questions that I had to completely guess on, but the majority of it I felt great with. I will say that I spent a ton of time on things that were NOT on my test! I need to spend MORE time on regulatory information apparently. I’m so bummed right now.


I am sorry to hear about your frustrations. Doing well on the practice exams is a significant factor in passing the exam, and they can be a good indicator of test readiness. Make sure to go slowly through each exam and understand the concepts. Additionally, examining the reviews helps retain and understand the concepts, what is wrong/right, and why. I reviewed your account, and those are the two areas I highly recommend focusing on for this next round. With these changes, I am sure you will pass! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you as you study. Thank you.

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