Typos - Series 65

I have been noticing the typos and mistakes here and there from time to time. So I decided to let you know if I feel like something is wrong with a text. I might be wrong, and yet here we go.

At the end of 2.3.9 I got this question:

While analyzing two different funds for a client, a registered representative finds two important performance measures. Last year, CDE Global Stock Fund maintained a beta of 1.0 and a return of +7.50%, while UVX Global Stock Fund maintained a beta of 2.3 and a return of 15.65%. What was the alpha of CDE Global Stock Fund last year?

I believe the question originally meant to ask “What was the alpha of UVX Global Stock Fund last year?”


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Hi @Zesty_gold_horse,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I looked up the question and did find and corrected the typo you mentioned. Here’s the link to the question:


Btw, we have two features on the site to help with reporting potential issues:

  1. If you click on the question ID code in the top right of the screen it will copy a shareable URL. You can send this to us, post it on the forum, and even send it to your coworkers or tutor.
  2. To the right of that question ID code is an icon that opens a feedback widget. When you send a message to us through that widget it will automatically add some metadata for us to help track it, so that’s very helpful.

If you see anything else that looks off, please let us know. Thank you!