Typo in market maker question 29XJQ

Hi, I have another question that I’m confused on in regards to bid/ask spreads. This question was in the practice exam…

And here is the explanation…

Can you help clarify around the “8 x 7”? It states that it means there’s 800 shares available at the bid and 800 available at the ask. So…where does the 7 come into play?
Also, I can’t seem to understand the explanation of fulfilling the order.

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Hey Lashy, just moving these into separate topics to keep the forums a little more organized.

There’s a typo in this question - my apologies. I’ve just corrected it. The 8x7 does mean 800 shares available at the bid and 700 (not 800) available at the ask.

The last sentence is just saying that because the market maker displayed the quote, they have to fulfill it. Basically they posted an offer to buy/sell at those prices, and they have to follow through and actually do the trade if someone accepts those prices.