Total return S66

I saw your video brandon and you add reinvested money to the cost basis but I saw this question online and this one didn’t?

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Hi @Lonely_pink_mole - good question! In the video you reference, I briefly discussed how reinvesting dividends adds to an investor’s basis. Calculating total return with reinvested dividends is a bit more difficult than I was letting on in the video. To be as precise as possible, you would need to know the price of the security purchased when the dividends and interest were reinvested. If this information was available, you would approach the calculation a bit differently.

Good news - Series 66 questions are not that specific, and you only need to know the basic form of total return. Keep it simple on every total return question. Divide the overall returns ($25,435 in the question) by the original investment or basis ($300,000) to find the answer.


Thank you. So I dont need to use 311,345 as my cost basis? Didn’t know the question here already added that to the final value of 325,435. Thank you.

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Correct - just divided overall gain or loss by the original investment. Good luck with your studies!

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