Time Line for studies

Hello All,
I am brand new to the site and I see a lot of people posting a “passed on first attempt” topic, that is exciting and I’m glad to see it.
I was wondering if you would share your timeline for studying for those who have completed already.
How many hours per day, how many days, weeks, months etc. I’m sure this has a lot of variance but am curious anyways.


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Hey @York, hello and welcome!

We’ve done some analysis on our data and will put out a blog post on this topic, but here’s a sneak peek. There is a huge amount of variance in study time, even more than we expected ourselves.

For calendar time:

And for total hours:

Of course, the sooner you want to take the exam, the more time you’ll need to spend studying each day.

For a general study plan, we recommend that you first take your overall prep time and leave the final week or two for only practice exams. Take a lot of them (pass at least five) and spend a lot of time carefully reviewing any mistakes or guesses. Then, divide whatever time you have left equally between the chapters, i.e., with 14 chapters and 14 days, do one chapter a day. In addition, you should aim to complete all your review quizzes each day if possible. Due to the nature of spaced rehearsal, this will result in your workload increasing as you get into the thick of your study program, stabilizing after a week or two.

Getting into a habit of studying is key, like studying right after you wake up, during lunch, after work, before sleep, etc. Doing review quizzes throughout the day on your smartphone is a good way to turn downtime into productive study time. A few minutes here and there during your commute, between meetings, and so on really adds up throughout the day.

It’s worth noting that the time users spend on Achievable courses is typically about half of what other vendors recommend, and we still have the highest rates - our memory-science-backed personalization is very effective :slight_smile: