The GRE change beginning September 22nd

Since the GRE is changing at the end of September and becoming shorter, do you recommend test takers to wait until the change to take it? What are your thoughts on this change and is it for the best?

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Hi @Lee_Mann, good question!

I’d recommend you take the exam whenever it best fits into your application timeline.

Although the ETS hasn’t released much information about the specifics of the test change or their related data, they have stated that scores should still be accurate, with the same scaling and interpretation as before. So, based on their statements, it shouldn’t matter from a performance standpoint.

From a human standpoint, there could be some factors that influence your decision. Although they’ve said the content and experience will essentially be the same, the change in exam length from what you’ve been practicing could potentially create a little anxiety. We’ll have practice exams in the new and old formats, so you can practice with either/both, but if you’ve been studying with the old ones the entire time, maybe it will be more comfortable to stick with that format.

On the other hand, if you struggle to keep up your focus through the entire old (longer) exam, you could potentially see a small increase in your scores by taking the new (shorter) exam.

Essentially, while it is a major structural change, the impact seems very limited as they want to keep as much parity between the two as possible.

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