Test in 10 days


I am scheduled to take the SIE in 10 days. However, I am consistently scoring in the 70s on my practice exams and can’t seem to get over the hump to consistently get up into the 80s. Every time a take a practice exam, I read the explanations of what I missed to make sure I understand why I missed the question. However, each test seems harder than the one before and with completely different questions.

Do you have any suggestions on how to get over this hump and is it possible to knock this out in 10 days or should I reschedule?

Thank you!

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I’ve reviewed your account, and you’re on the right track!

I think you’ll be able to get over your hump if you spend more time reviewing your previous exams. You generally spend about 20 minutes reviewing each exam, but that should be closer to an hour or two.

Go slowly, question by question, and revisit the textbook as needed. Taking the exams is helpful, but it’s that very focused review that will improve your scores over time!

Thank you!! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply! Pressing on… :grinning:

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