Taking the Series 6 Exam Tomorrow

Any last minute advice taking the Series 6 exam tomorrow.

Its also in the afternoon at 3 and I tend to get tired later on in the day, any advice on that?

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Hi @Extraordinary_gold_b!

You should be spending the rest of today taking and reviewing practice exams. Be sure to spend quality time on your review and take notes. This advice is provided in the wrapping up chapter, which includes more pre-test advice and sets expectations for the test center. Additionally, get some good sleep tonight!

Since your exam isn’t until 3 tomorrow, you could take one or two more practice exams. Just be sure to be caught up on your reviews of previous exams and have the time to review the exams you take. I wouldn’t overdo it on the test date though.

Beyond the practice exams, review old notes, re-watch videos, and study our dump sheets.

If you’ve exhausted all your Achievable resources (which is all you need), you could check out our friend Ken Finnen’s Series 6 playlist on YouTube. Watching videos in the last few hours prior to leaving for the exam could be helpful.

Good luck tomorrow!