Taking SIE exam on Dec 30th

I have started studying a few days ago. I can’t find any weekly study calendar.

Can anyone let me know how often should I be studying and preparing for the SIE?

I plan to review every day for 6 hours.

Is this enough to complete the entire course and be exam-ready?



Hi @FoxMcCloud! Glad to hear from you! Thanks for using Achievable for your SIE studies. Although we’re planning on releasing study calendars at some point in the future, we currently do not have any calendars to share. Regardless, I think the information below will help.

The average test taker will need anywhere from 30 - 100 study hours to adequately prepare for the exam. If you’re planning on allocating 6 hours per day to your studies, you’re facing a 5 day study plan on the low end (assuming 30 hours of study) to a 17 day study plan on the high end (assuming 100 hours of study). You’ll likely fall somewhere in-between, but it might be best to assume it’ll take you longer just in case.

Generally speaking, your study process should look like this:

  • Read a chapter
  • Click ‘Complete’ at the end of every chapter you finish
  • By the end of every day, do your assigned ‘Reviews’ (found on the home page)
  • Repeat until you’re at the end of all the material

Once you’re at the end of the material, do this:

  • Continue completing your assigned ‘Reviews’
  • Take and review several practice exams

You should take 5 practice exams at minimum. Be sure to review every one right after you finish. Take notes during the review and make sure you understand why you’re getting questions right and wrong. If necessary, cross-reference the reading material. Be sure to review your practice exam notes periodically (this is especially useful to do right before your next practice exam).

Once you start attaining passing scores consistently, you’re likely ready to test. If you want to be safe, aim to attain practice exam scores in the high 70s or low 80s. At that point, you’re very likely to pass.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.


thank you so much! really appreciate this!

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