Supplemental Practice Exams

Hi all,

I took the SIE and passed on my first try last month using Achievable. FINRA offered an SIE practice exam that was very helpful in preparing for the actual wording encountered on the test. NASAA doesn’t offer a Series 66 practice exam; however, I have read online that STC and Kaplan provide practice tests that are fairly comparable.

Considering I am sitting for the 66 on Friday, would you recommend adding a couple of practice tests from these providers, or should I just keep knocking out Achievable practice exams?


Congrats on passing your SIE!

Achievable is a complete, standalone course, and is all you need to pass the exam. That said, if you have other resources, you should absolutely use them!

We have dozens of practice exams, but as you study, you might unconsciously get accustomed to our wording and jump straight to a familiar choice instead of carefully thinking through the question. Using materials from a variety of sources can expose you to additional variety in the wording and help you stay focused on the concepts.

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