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I have been studying through another company and although went through all the material - I didn’t feel strong in my retention or understanding of it. As I embark Achievable, a lot is clicking - but ofcurse my achievable dashboard doesnt know this and thus my progress percetages are low. I have the SIE scheduled for August 15th. I also have only studied for Series 7 (even though I’ve not taken the SIE)
I am considering purchasing SIE through achievable but am learning a lot here.

Would reccomendations be…?

a) go through material again on weak areas and take as many SIE exams?

b) Conitnue only taking series 7 practice tests? Is august 15th for my SIE too soon?

Thank you!!

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Hi @Terrence_Boyer - it sounds like you’re off to a good start, and I’m glad that Achievable has been a great fit for you!

In general, we recommend that everyone studies for and passes their SIE before tackling the Series 7. They used to be part of the exam until FINRA split them in 2018; now you can think of the SIE as the first 1/3 and the S7 as the second 2/3s. They cover the same overall topics, but the S7 goes much deeper. If you have experience in the financial industry, you might be able to pass both just by studying for the S7, but it’s definitely better to do them in order, one at a time.

If you’ve already gone through the reading material, then taking practice exams and reviewing any mistakes/guesses is absolutely the best way to identify and improve your weak areas!

As for timeline, taking the SIE in two weeks seems reasonable to me. On average our customers spend about 30 hours total to study for and pass the SIE - but study time does have a wide range depending on the person and prior experience.

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@Justin Thank you for taking the time for such a thorough reply! Makes sense and it helps me gain momentum on a solid study plan.

ps. I apologize for my typos as I typed on the go/ very quickly yesterday.


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I’m happy to help - please reach out anytime!