Suggestion for Study Calendar

I may have missed this somewhere else in the community, but it might be a good idea to include some time in the study calendar for the memory reviews and/or throw a few into the study calendar as task items.

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Hi @Harold_Brown, thanks for the suggestion!

We intend to add this someday, but it is extremely complex, so it isn’t on our short-term roadmap.

The review schedule is personalized based on individual performance and study habits, continually changing as you progress through the study material. Doing (or not doing) reviews today will have a significant, nonlinear impact on the reviews suggested for the next few days, and the study time required to complete them.

You can think of the study plan as estimated minimum time requirements. Currently, they include time for the associated quiz, but do not include videos or repeat review quizzes. Ideally we’d like everyone to get their review quizzes down to zero every day, and it will certainly increase your scores and likelihood of passing the exam if you do, but it’s also sort of an optional add-on strategy. The system automatically tracks your study habits and uses that information to schedule the review quizzes, and it prioritizes the topics you’re at risk of forgetting. But for the sake of argument, if someone already knows the content extremely well and will be taking their exam very soon, doing any reviews is essentially a waste of time.

Thanks again for the suggestion - please let us know if you feel there is anything else that would help!

That makes sense… thanks for the quick and thoughtful response. Perhaps it would make sense to add the videos (at least) as a “pad” because if the videos aren’t in your timeline and neither are the reviews then it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind.

That said, this being my third (and hopefully final) licensing exam, I’m a bit more comfortable with how long things actually take and am relearning how I study (I’m a LONG time out of college!).

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We do intend to add the video time to the estimates soon!

Our data shows that people study at all different speeds, with a much wider range than we would have ever expected. The estimates are based on the average actual study time, but some people go much faster, and some people go much slower.

The estimates aim to give something to benchmark against to help you plan your day. They are consistent in their calculations, so you can scale them up or down depending on how you like to study!

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I am definitely one of those that goes slower.

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