Studying Advice for Series 7 Exam


I’m currently studying for my Series 7 Exam which I may take the second or third week of December. I wanted to ask what are the common challenging topics people usually struggle with the most? I’ve heard the majority of the exam is over, options, municipalities, taxes and suitability questions. Are these areas I should focus on the most?

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Hi, welcome! Options is certainly the topic people tend to find the most challenging. It’s also extremely important to understand the bond yield seesaw, as you’ll be able to solve a wide variety of questions if you’ve mastered that one topic.

Overall though, we suggest that you simply set a study plan and go through our entire course! We focus on the areas that are the highest value for the exam so you don’t need to do anything special to prepare.

If you are finding an area particularly difficult, the system will automatically detect this and will automatically schedule more review quizzes in this area. You can also always take more quizzes on any topic you’d like if you do want to drill a specific topic.